Which One’s The Mother? A Test For Blind People

Say, remember way back (10 days ago) when the internet freaked the fuck out over this picture of three women, one of whom is the mom and two of whom are her offspring? You can hardly tell them apart!

(It’s the one on the left, which you may have inferred by the content of the tweet that says “mom, twin & me <3")

Since that was so much fun, a couple of young (“young”) women in the U.K. decided they wanted to uphold white peoples’ proudest tradition: Poorly copying things made popular by black people. Can you tell which lady is the 33 year old mom, and which is her teenage daughter? BET YA CAN’T!


Jk, of course you can, because you have functioning eyes. That was also a trick question, because no way in hell is that lady 33.


It’s funny bc it’s true 🙁


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