Moschino Is Actually Making a Powerpuff Girls Line

Get ready to visit Townsville, USA; Moschino’s new line is Powerpuff Girls themed. Some of you betches may remember falling asleep to the cartoon late at night until 2005 when the show ended. But get ready for the revamp, Moschino’s bringing it to their clothes just in time for new episodes to roll out on Cartoon Network.

Moschino is known for being completely out there. For those of us who don’t stick to an all black uniform, this is what you should be wearing. Fans of Moschino’s Jeremy Scott got a taste of the line back in September at Milan’s Fashion Week but get ready for it to go worldwide. According to InStyle, Scott “really wanted to think about how to iconize the girls…[and] capture them and have something fun and colorful that could capture their spirits…”  Much like your favorite Friends character, everyone picked a Powerpuff that they wanted to be. I’d love to believe I’m Blossom just like I’d love to believe I’m Rachel. But let’s face it, I’m more of a Buttercup (and more of a Monica).


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