Barbie Puts a Boy in Its Ads for First Time Ever, World Freaks Out

So Barbie put a boy in their ad for the new “Moschino Barbie” and the world is freaking the fuck out. There are so many hilarious points to this story so lets just attack them one by one.

1) How chic are those Moschino Barbies with their all black everything outfits? Love it.

2) Is this what Barbie commercials always used to be like? The whole thing is just generally whack AF. It feels very-commercial-ly. Like the kids are literally saying that they love this Barbie and I’m getting a very “force your parents to buy you this” vibe. Is this why we are all so materialistic? #feels

3) Why doesn’t Barbie have an iPhone yet? Those kinds of cell phones stopped being made in 1989.

4) They definitely nailed the haircut of boys who have Barbies. Again so on trend.

5) If people are going to freak out about anything in this ad, shouldn’t it be that little blonde girl’s hair do? What is going on there?


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