More Nude Celeb Photos Released, Creepers Rejoice

This weekend even more nude celeb photos were released and it is kinda getting old, if you ask me. Like seriously dude, we get it, you can hack people’s iPhones. Do you want a fucking cookie or something?

The hacker, who we assume is the same perv who released all the shots of JLaw a few weeks ago, struck again on Reddit and twitter. This time the leak included Mary-Kate Olsen, Rihanna, Aubrey Plaza, and Kim Kardashian… but we all knew it was only a matter of time until that last one happened, again.

Gabrielle Union, another celeb who had photos leaked, was fucking pissed and said she has “contacted the FBI.” Well fucking take a number homegirl, since pretty much every female in Hollywood has been doing the same thing. The Kardashian family calls the FBI every time someone fucking looks at them the wrong way, so they basically have them on speed-dial. I can just imagine Kim Kardashian talking to the FBI: Dear Mr. FBI, I am a white woman living in America…

Reddit has since taken down the photos for fucking obvious reasons and the manhunt for the hacker who has outsmarted the fucking world continues. How is it that we have a person who can hack everyone’s secure phones and hide from the federal government for weeks, but we still can’t fucking take a video on Snapchat and play music at the same time?


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