Models Are Taking Selfies WIth This Random White Doll

These days models and Instagram are what models and cocaine were in the 80s, a match made in heaven. Whether it’s #Squad or the kissy face, all us mortals always end up ruining whatever all the Gigis and the Caras start. However, it looks like the most recent phenom is going to stay runway elite for a little longer due to sheer rarity.

The new thing all our model bffs are doing on Insta is taking selfies with a tiny white doll. His name is PascalPascale. And he even has his own Instagram, which surprising has a lot less followers than all his photo-mates’ do.

He belongs to the makeup artist, Tom Pecheux, and he brings him to all the shows he does. Mr. Pecheux even puts the makeup the models are wearing in the show on the doll, which explains why the doll looks so matchy-matchy in all the pics.


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