Mississippi Frat Bros Arrested For Insane Hazing, Have Douchiest Mug Shots

So these dick lords at the University of Mississippi beat up some guy in a rival frat for breathing too loudly, because fuck mouth breathers. The assholes are members of Pi Kappa Alpha and their victim was a member of Sigma Pi, so this is like the West Side Story feat: SABs and douche bags.

This is basically hazing on crack, since they ruptured this guys eardrum, broke a bunch of his teeth, bruised his lung, and gave him a concussion. Like seriously, can’t boys just passive aggressively criticize each other until they induce an eating disorder or emotional breakdown like any good sorority girl? It’s much more satisfying and a lot less illegal.

In case you hadn’t guessed, the perps’ names were Tucker, James, Christian, Kyle, and Austin, proving that if he smells like Axe, has a fuck boi name, and wears a snap back, he’s definitely a piece of shit.


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