Miranda Kerr And The Snapchat CEO Got Engaged

The CEO of Snapchat proposed to Miranda Kerr with a custom Snapchat filter AKA the 2016’s version of New York Times’ engagement announcement. They started dating in 2015. That may seem like a pretty fast romance, but neither one of them can do any better, so it makes sense.

If you didn’t already know (because there’s absolutely no reason you should), the CEO of Snapchat is named Evan Spiegel and he’s worth $2.1 billion. He’s a Stanford dropout, but I don’t think he really needs the degree. But unlike Mark Zuckerberg, homeboy married up and way the fuck out of his league. Whats more impressive: creating the social media platform of choice for the destruction of Taylor Swift or transforming from a computer science weirdo into the husband of a Victoria’s Secret model?

Well Played

Miranda is also seven years older than Evan, continuing her cougar streak. Something tells me that Orlando Bloom probably won’t try to beat up Evan at a club in Ibiza like he did the last time Miranda was with a younger man (cough: Justin Bieber).

There is definitely a new trend of celebrity women with children marrying billionaires after their first marriages fell apart. Miranda joins Maria Carey in this elite cougar club, so maybe Kourtney Kardashian will find her billionaire soon.  

Kourtney Kardashian sipping tea


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