Millie Bobby Brown Lands Magazine Cover Looking Better Than All Of Us

Millie Bobby Brown just landed her first magazine cover and in other news, I am a full-blown adult and have just now figured out how to pay the water bill. Jk, still don’t know how. What’s a “bill”? Anyway, the Stranger Things actress looks incredible on the cover of So It Goes magazine in a low-key/v chill/so caj lace maxi skirt, plain gray shirt, and army bomber jacket. Please keep in mind that she is 12 years old. 

Damn Millie! Here she is being soooo over the Demogorgon.

Here she is remembering how shitty the Upside Down is. 

Here she is asking Chief Hopper to adopt her.

This 12-year-old has already starred on a hit TV show, is British (+1), and even looks better than Natalie Portman did when she didn’t have hair. What will she do next? Besides Stranger Things season 2, obviously. Hopefully. She’s coming back, right? 


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