Congrats, You Alcoholics: Millennials Drank A Shit Ton Of Wine Last Year

In honor of the recent National Wine Day, which should honestly be every day, millennial betches are proving that we can truly do some damage with a bottle of wine.

A report by the Wine Market Council published last month showed that millenials drank 159.6 million cases of wine last year, a casual 42 percent of all wine consumed. The bigger picture is that millenials are out-drinking every other generation. Duh.

Our grandparents drank 30 percent of the wine consumed last year, while our parents consumed a lowly 20 percent. Slightly ashamed of them, but more wine for me and you.

We’re not only drinking more often in the week, we’re also drinking more wine per sitting: 3.1 glasses to be exact. A ghastly number, according to the Wine Market Council.

It’s like the authors of this report haven’t even heard of binge-drinking. If I ONLY drank 3.1 glasses each time I opened a bottle of wine, then I’d likely be much richer. And skinnier. And have more wine. But whatever, we love wine.

Most importantly, the research showed us that women consumed the majority of wine last year. Proud of you, betches. Keep up the good work.


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