Research Finds Millennials Are Most Likely To Swear At Work, No Fucking Shit

New research has confirmed what betches have known for years: millennials swear more at work, and we’re fucking okay with it. And women are more likely to swear than men, so that’s betchy AF.


A report by work management platform Wrike showed that nearly three-quarters of female millennial managers and executives admit to swearing at work, and millennial women are less bothered by swearing at work. No shit.

No shit sherlock

Obvi millennials aren’t the only assholes swearing in the workplace. But we fucking do it best. A third of millennials say swearing can help strengthen a team, and nearly half of millennials prefer working in an environment with consistent swearing.


Not sure if this justifies my need to complain about how fucking hungover I am every Friday morning, but it’s at least a start. Fuck yeah, millennials. 

Fuck yeah


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