Science Was Wrong, Drinking Milkshakes Will Still Make You Fat

Well, fuck. We’re always skeptical when we hear about a miracle diet that sounds way too good to be true, but we usually assume it’s at least somewhat real because we don’t understand science and other people do.

We got super excited last month when the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (sounds legit) published a study saying that drinking milkshakes help you feel full, causing you to eat less and subsequently become less of a fatass.

They lied.

Well, they didn’t really actually lie, but their findings aren’t nearly as exciting as everyone initially thought. Basically, they tested how full people felt after drinking thick shakes vs. thin shakes, and found that thick shakes are def more filling. No shit. Sounds awesome right? It turns out the shakes they used were basically shitty protein shakes that use something called locust bean gum to make them thicker. When we hear “thick milkshake,” WE WANT FUCKING ICE CREAM.

So like, yeah. No shit eating a protein shake before a meal makes you want to eat less, because the protein shake is literally a meal all by itself!!!! This is deeply disappointing, but we can’t say we’re surprised that science has bitten us in the ass again.



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