Breaking: Miley Cyrus Smokes Weed

Brace yourselves for some shocking news on Miley Cyrus. You might be wondering “What could it be this time? Has she finally gone through with the sex change? Did she hook up with her dad?”

Miley took to Instagram to let the world know that she does, in fact, SMOKE POT.

IDK if you knew this, but Miley Cyrus, the pop culture icon for sexual fluidity and advocate for the poor, SMOKES WEED.

If you’re like the million other people that already knew that, join me in letting Miley know that we see you girl. We got it. It’s really cool that you get high in your sports bra with your super-awesome mega bong, and we totally support that you want to get high.

We heard you loud and clear when you lit one up at the 2013 EMA’s…and when you did that Rolling Stone article all about your love of weed…and the time you wore any kind of outfit that resembled a pot leaf….and all the other times that you posted a selfie of your high self doing your thing.

Message received, Miley. Take another shitty selfie with Kim K or something.


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