Miley Cyrus Previewed a New Song on Insta in PJ’s and Zit Cream

Miley Cyrus previewed a new song on Insta while wearing bunny pajamas and “zit creaminnn!,” which is definitely the most Hannah Montana thing she’s ever done IRL. We don’t know the name of the song yet since she’s still writing it, but the vocals sound pretty amazing for someone who has clearly already decided they’re not showering that day.

Her caption says she’s “Double timingggg!” by songwriting and acne-fighting at the same time, because she’s a “womannnn….. W-o-m-a-n.” No one has ever sung that song unless blacked out drunk or in a bizarrely good mood, so it’s obvious that Miley is feelin’ herself these days.

Considering she’s back together with her hottie ex Liam Hemsworth, just released a collab with Kanye West, and is going to be returning to acting in Woody Allen’s first ever TV series on Amazon, she’s got a lot to be happy about. Plus she got her hair under control. Yay Miley for winning the game and we hope that pimple treatment worked because this is not the time to break out.



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