Miley Cyrus (Might Be) Fucking Pregnant

Miley Cyrus has had a roller coaster past few years, but things have been looking up for her ever since she got back with former fiancé/perfect man Liam Hemsworth earlier this year. She’s reportedly moving to Australia full time to live with him, and she’s finally started growing out that ratty hair again. This is all great, but we knew there had to be something coming.

This week, Miley’s life took another Hannah Montana-esque twist, as multiple sources reported that she’s pregnant with Liam’s baby. There have been many rumors that Miley wants to get married to him as soon as this summer, which has helped to fuel the talk of pregnancy. Life & Style says the wedding will have a “cowboy carnival theme,” which we’re literally praying isn’t true. But back to the pregnancy, Miley hasn’t confirmed or denied anything, so there’s no way to know for sure quite yet.

Tbh we kind of hope this is real, because Miley needs a reason to keep her shit together permanently, and Liam would without a doubt be a perfect dad. If the pregnancy is real, Billy Ray is probably already counting down the days until he can use the little kid to make him a whole lot of money. Disney Channel, start pitching show ideas, because this one is going to be a star.


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