Miley Cyrus Might Be A Delusional Dater

If you ask me, 2012 was a better time in our world. Meryl Streep won her one thousandth Oscar, Justin Bieber hadn’t yet become the fuckboy to end all fuckboys, and Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus had just gotten engaged. Fast forward to today, where Miley doesn’t dress like a skinny little chic trendsetter anymore—she’s more bantu knots (or terrible bangs) and suspenders over her bare chest now. Her and Liam have broken off their engagement because she cut off all her hair and won’t stop talking about how much weed she smokes.

Last December, however, it seemed the bad times (mainly just when she rocked a foam finger and grinded the fuck out of Robin Thicke in public) had ended when pictures of Miley wearing her engagement ring surfaced through paparazzi photos and on her very own Instagram. This all led to an all-encompassing speculation: Were the golden couple back together? Pair these photos with other photos from New Year’s Eve where Miley was pictured with Liam and his family in Australia and even more photos of her in front of a U-Haul seemingly moving into Liam’s house and the answer to that question seemed to be, OF COURSE THEY’RE BACK TOGETHER. Even as recently as Liam’s brother Chris’ premiere for The Huntsman: Winter’s War, Miley is photographed clinging to Liam’s arm and trailing behind him (with her stupid new bangs in tow). Survey says? Duh.

Well, apparently if you ask Liam, that’s simply not the case. Us Weekly reports that in an interview with TV Week Australia, Liam was asked that very same question. His response? “I am not engaged, no.” Ooh, ouch. That one’s gotta hurt.

Is Liam being shady or is Miley just delusional? Chick hasn’t taken off her engagement ring in almost six months. Last time they were on the verge of a breakup she changed her entire persona. Maybe this time she’ll actually become Hannah Montana. Stay tuned, I’m sure we’ll all find out soon enough.


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