Miley Cyrus Is Joining The Voice

The Voice backstage is about to get more unpredictable, because Miley Cyrus was just announced as one of the new coaches for next season to replace Christina Aguilera. Not sure where Christina is going, but we’re assuming to make more Facebook videos of singing tutorials.

If you remember Miley’s stripped down version of “Jolene” that caused the internet to respect her singing chops, then you’ll know that she’s like, actually pretty good at this music thing. Sure, she might have written an ode to her pet fish when it died, but it seems like she kind of knows what she’s doing in terms of like, being able to hit notes and stuff.

The show also added Alicia Keys as the other host to replace Pharrell. Bummer, because Miley and Pharrell would have probably been fun to watch. Miley’s already an advisor on the current season. Wonder if this means we should actually start watching The Voice now.


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