Miley Cyrus and Stephanie Tanner Have Beef Now

Miley Cyrus loves to start shit, and this week is no different. She caused controversy when she posted a photo of Full House’s Jodie Sweetin from back when she was um…a ho. It’s a picture of Jodie straddling some tatted guy with her boobs out, but she’s turned her life around since this phase. Miley’s caption was just “Current Mood #fullerhouse.” Tons of people who have never cared about Jodie Sweetin before now rushed to her defense, saying that Miley is way out of line for posting the old photo.

Jodie took the high road, saying that she doesn’t “pay attention to negative stuff,” and that she has so much good stuff going on in her life that it’s not worth paying attention to. Good for Jodie, but her fans seriously need a Xanax. They may not know, but when a photo of you gets put on the internet, it’s kind of there forever!!

Let this picture be a lesson to all of you. Your friends might forget that you used to be a hot mess, but the internet won’t.


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