Miley Cyrus Performs with a GIANT Cat and Other Shit that Happened at the AMAs

The AMAs were last night and nothing that exciting happened. Like, Rihanna's mom gave her an award, Ke$ha looked ridiculously wasted, and of course: 

Miley Cyrus sang “Wrecking Ball” with the help of a GARGANTUAN virtual cat. Everyone at Buzzfeed subsequently jizzed themselves.


Ariana Grande is casually soo good. Who knew? 


Ke$ha showed up for her mugshot


Prediction: When One Direction eventually breaks up Harry Styles will become the new Justin Timberlake but instead of performing in suit and tie he'll assume the stylings of Adam Levine. You heard it here first. 


Lady Gaga showed up on this shit. 


Rihanna looked gorg but also wasn't wearing any clothes …and neither of those statements will surprise anyone.


Kendall Jenner presented. Looked tall as fook.


TLC reunited and performed “Waterfalls” and after 20 years I'm still like WHO THE FUCK IS JASON WATERFALLS? 



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