Miley Cyrus Spotted Wearing Her Old Engagement Ring From Liam Hemsworth

So obvi we’ve been following the Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth relationship since The Last Song because they’re the 2010s Romeo and Juliet. He’s an action star with the bluest eyes ever seen; She performs the Dead Petz album in pasties. It’s like Dan and Serena or Ross and Rachel. They’re both hot, but he’s got his shit together, and she’s a fucking mess.


I look like a fucking strawberry. #looklikemyfuckingmomdressedmethisam #prettysureihadthissamelookat6

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Well, they’ve been hanging out in Australia for the past couple of weeks, which has been the highlight of 2016, since every other interesting couple else has pretty much broken up. Yesterday, Miley flew back to New York from Australia wearing the diamond engagement ring Liam gave her in 2012. We’re not even 3 weeks into 2016, and it’s already the year of miracles.

She looked like a Cabbage Patch Doll threw up on her, but IDGAF because she’s wearing her engagement ring again. I’ve been thinking about this wedding since I was a junior in high school, so this is DEFCON 5.


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