Miley Cyrus Finally Has Cute Hair Again

It’s been a rough three years for Miley Cyrus’ hair. She first went for the blonde pixie back in August, 2012, and we had mixed feelings from the beginning. The cut was cute enough, but her long hair before was literally so beautiful. She knew how to rock a topknot like no other, and it was sad to see those days come to an end.

In the three years since, we’ve basically seen Miley do every fucked up thing she could possibly do with her scalp, from dreadlocks to tinsel to almost completely bald. She’s worn a lot of wigs in the last few years, but now she’s finally growing out her hair again. It doesn’t look amazing yet, but it’s definitely getting there. This week, she was seen out and about with shoulder length hair, which is the longest her hair has been since before Wrecking Ball. Her brown roots are growing out, which we can only hope means that soon we’ll be seeing Liam Hemsworth-era beachy waves. Come on Miley, you owe this to us.


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