Miley Cyrus Got Blunt Bangs And Also Hates Them

Adult Hannah Montana recently got some pretty terrible new bangs, but it’s no biggie because she hates them, too. Self-awareness is the first step in becoming less bat shit insane, just ask Amanda Bynes.

Miley aka Billy Ray Cyrus’s Biggest Headache instagrammed a pic of her new hairdo and wrote “When you feel weird about yo new bangzzzzzzz …… Practicing non attachment! Everything is constantly coming and goin!”

She should probs incorporate this non-attachment thing she learned at therapy (i.e. her drug dealer’s basement) into her relationship with Liam Hemsworth because let’s just say history has a way of repeating itself. And now that there’s some terrible bangzzzzzz in the mix, Liam might throw his hands up in the air and finally give TF up. Or he might be like “whatevs she’s just being Miley” in his Australian accent. Shirtless. Could go either way, y’know?


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