Shay Released A Diss Track About Scheana Because He’s Definitely Not Salty

Vanderpump Rules season 5 may have concluded on Monday, but the drama between Scheana and Shay isn’t over—not by a long shot. It’s the little things, y’all. Even though Shay said he was happy for Scheana and was totally over their relationship, his Instagram activity says otherwise. Shay released a diss track aimed at Scheana on his Instagram, and, well, I’m going to let you all decide if he’s really over it or not. JK no I’m not gonna do that. This dude is clearly saltier than the Dead Sea, as evidenced by the fact that the entire one-minute clip on Instagram is literally just a video montage of Scheana. But sure, tell me again how you’re over it, Shay.

The song is called “Grind For My Check,” a title which must be ironic given the fact that the only check Shay’s had in recent years was the sum of money he took out of Scheana’s bank account. In case you’re not covinced this is a diss track, allow me to highlight a few choice lines from the song:

“Stranded, pissed off and abandoned / for the fame and fashion” — says the guy who’s recording a song about his semi-famous ex and promoting it on Bravo’s website and using the hashtag #pumprules on the original Instagram post.

“Fuck you” — subtle.

“You think it’s funny, joke’s on you / I am now winning, better than you” — I think that statement is highly debatable and I’d just like to point out that Shay rhymed “you” with “you”.

“Bad for the Earth / You are a jerk” — pretty undeniable diss. Also, I know Scheana’s comprised of approximately 90% silicone and plastic, but does that really make her “bad for the Earth”? 

“Please call a hearse, murdered the verse” — not an insult at Scheana, I just wanted to point out this line. 

The interesting part about this song is that this 60-second clip of him rapping is literally more than I’ve heard Shay speak for the entire past five seasons of Vanderpump Rules. Just when I was beginning to think he was secretly a mute. You can watch the entire clip below, but don’t blame me for your bleeding eardrums.

We can only hope that this track will ignite a Vanderpump Rules diss track feud along the lines of the Drake/Meek Mill “Back to Back” beef of 2016. I would even settle for the Ja Rule/50 Cent beef of the early 2000s. JUST GIVE ME SOME BEEF. I’m really hoping Scheana will come out with a clapback track of her own, and then maybe James will chime in with a response, and then Sandoval and his band will release their take called like “Everybody Just Be Cool” or something, and then Kristen will jump in somehow because she has to make everything about her… This could be fucking glorious. Then again, given that Scheana kind of sound like a dying animal when she sings… maybe not. 


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