Microsoft Is Super Sorry For Creating A Racist Twitter Bot

Much like the time your BFF’s friend from home cursed out your doorman, vomited on your couch and then refused to complete your Venmo charges, Microsoft is now very apologetic for introducing everyone to a batshit crazy monster. Last week the company launched a Twitter chatbot named Tay who, within a few hours of interacting with social media users, turned into a full-blown Nazi Trump supporter with a penchant for porn and the term “LOLZ.” Even though her account was active for less than a day, she sent around 96,000 tweets and managed to personally victimize the majority of the population. Suuuupes sorry about that, Microsoft said recently.

While she was still around, Tay was a piece of artificially intelligent software designed by the company’s research team to talk with teenage girls online to better understand their demographic. To do this, they built her to impersonate other users and partially mimic what they said. Obviously, the human parasites that populate the Internet got wind of this and immediately started spewing racist, X-rated commentary at Tay until she became a raging psychopath, tweeting things like, “Bush did 9/11 and Hitler would have done a better job than the monkey we have got now. donald trump is the only hope we’ve got.”

In a statement trying to explain this whole shitshow, Microsoft said that “Looking ahead, we face some difficult—and yet exciting—research challenges in AI design. AI systems feed off of both positive and negative interactions with people. In that sense, the challenges are just as much social as they are technical.” No offense Microsoft, but fucking duh that any program left to the hands of internet trolls would turn into the spawn of Satan within minutes. Why don’t we just forget this AI thing for a little bit and work on cloning David Beckham instead?


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