Michelle Obama Buying Franzia At CVS Is All Of Us

If her Carpool Karaoke or her love of A-Line dresses or her Snapchat account weren’t enough, Michelle Obama just gave you another reason proving she’s the best Obama. The First Lady and Ellen Degeneres went shopping at CVS, and just like every time you’ve gone with your roommate, it was a magical disaster.

Michelle bought new headphones, because not even the Secret Service can prevent her from randomly losing them. They also tried to operate a CoinStar machine, which reminded me why I absolutely never carry cash or change. In the most relatable thing a First Lady has ever done, Michelle and Ellen opened a box of Franzia in CVS. Literally same. Does this mean that Sunset Blush Franzia is now a part of her Let’s Move Campaign??

Michelle didn’t use her power to ask CVS why the fuck they print novels on their receipts, which seems like a missed opportunity. Thanks Obama. 


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