Watch Michelle Obama Give Zero Fucks About Melania Trump

Tbt to Melania Trump plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s speech at the Republican National Convention this summer. ICYMI, part of Melania’s convention speech was legit identical to the one Michelle gave in 2008. Clearly, Melania never had to paraphrase from SparkNotes for a Huckleberry Finn essay in high school, because this was a rookie mistake. But it was probably her speechwriters’ fault for not doing a fucking Google Search first.

Well, much like when your friend gets back together with her fuckboy ex, Michelle had absolutely no fucks to give about Melania. When Stephen Colbert asked her if she had any sympathy for Melania, Michelle replied, “Yeah, that was tough.” What was tough about it, Michelle? Watching the speech? Watching her get destroyed on Twitter? Not being able to call her out using the White House Facebook page??

Blair Waldorf aspires to Michelle’s ability to simultaneously dismiss and destroy her potential replacement.


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