Michelle Obama Is Really Bad At Rapping (WATCH)

First Lady Michelle Obama is usually America’s better half, but she took a huge L yesterday with her “Go To College” music video. FLOTUS wears a shit ton of J Crew and tells people to stop being fat, but she also works out all the time and keeps up with the news. She’s the best a betch could be if we got our shit together.

Considering how much Beyonce and J Cole she listens to, I thought this track would be fire. But much like Meek Mill’s response to Drake, it’s awkward and disappointing – something Nicki Minaj is probably used to at this point.

The lyrics are at the bottom of the screen, but nobody Anne Hathaway after 2 glasses of wine wants to karaoke this. The song itself is what happens when your mom is doing car pool, turns off the radio, and sings her own version of Trap Queen – #FLOTUSBARS.

Michelle is wearing a DVF wrap dress doing the drunk girl sway on the front lawn of the White House – that’s the most fucking patriotic things that’s happened since red white and blue shots. The point of this debacle is to encourage kids to go to college, which is definitely a good thing. So, in the spirit of finals – A+ for effort C for execution. But fuck it, Cs get degrees Mrs. Obama. 


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