Downton Abbey IRL, Michelle Dockery’s Fiancé Dies

Sorry to say it, but I have to be the barer of bad news. Our favorite betch of the castle is dealing with a real life tragedy. Michelle Dockey, the skinny AF brunette that plays lady Mary on Downton is mourning the loss of her fiancé. He recently died from a rare form of cancer.

This is so creepy because this is literally something that would happen on Downton. And it did happen to Lady Mary 3 years ago on Downton, except instead of cancer, her screen hubby died in a car accident. Truly, this should be giving all of you the major feels, because who doesn’t love Downton Abbey and its HBIC?

Poor Lady Mary, we feel ya girl. This sucks, especially because her fiancé was a total smoke show, Irish, an exec, what more can a member of the aristocracy ask for?


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