Michael Phelps Arrested For DUI; Ryan Lochte Probs Ecstatic

Former Broast of the Week, our favorite ugly hot bro, and the best Olympian of all time Michael Phelps was arrested for a DUI on Monday. OMG Michael Phelps and Amanda Bynes are twinzz!! This is Mike's second DUI arrest following pics of him smoking from a bong. Like I know that driving while drunk is bad, but Michael Phelps is the closest this country has to a God/King/Savior. He made us care about professional swimming which is one of his more impressive accomplishments and he knows how to win at basically everything. If I had been the arresting officer I probably would have just stared in awe at his terribly disproportionate body and found the nearest body of water for him to do a lap in. #FreeMichaelandMandy2k14

Source: CNN




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