SHOCKER, Mexico Isn’t Paying For The Fucking Wall

Donald Trump won’t be the President for another week, but he’s wasted no time in going back on some of his most ridiculous campaign promises. Exhibit A: the Mexican border wall.

During the campaign, this magical wall along the Mexican border was one of Trump’s proudest promises. Designed to keep all the “rapists and drug dealers” out, it would solve all of our problems and probably be a YUGE accomplishment! Amazing! The real kicker though, was Trump’s nonstop claim that he would get Mexico to pay for the wall. Mexico was repeatedly like “um, no” from day one, but he wouldn’t shut up about it.

Surprise! Before he’s even become President, Trump has already tried to hit up Congress for the money to build the wall. Now the alleged plan is that us taxpayers will fund the wall now, then Presidente Trump will make the bad Mexican hombres pay at some unspecified later date. So basically, we’re never seeing a single peso. Even one of Mexico’s former presidents is like, “nah, you crazy bro.”

Trump has been lashing out at wall critics on Twitter all week, but now he’s distracted by Meryl Streep, because that’s obviously a more pressing national security concern. See you next week for the inauguration, can’t wait!!!

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