There’s a New Fugly Dress Taking Over The Internet

Just when you thought you’d finally gotten over staring at the world’s most hideous dress for three days straight, there’s a new dress trend sweeping the nation. Female meteorologists are all wearing the same fugly dress on TV.

Apparently, there’s a Facebook group where female meteorologists “share tips and tricks of the trade and sometimes recommend [looks] as camera-friendly and flattering.” Because nothing says “respect me as a professional” like coordinating your outfit through a Facebook group message.

The dress costs $23 on Amazon – so like three seasons of Gossip Girl on DVD – and is called the Homeyee Women’s Stretch Pencil Sheath Dress. Now the whole thing has gone viral, because everyone and their mother is wearing it while they film the forecast. So basically, there’s a 30% chance that this dress trend is already hideous.


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