The Messy Bob is The Look for Fall

We are defs at that point of the summer where while we are still going to the beach and wearing rompers, but we know that sweater weather is right around the corner. This week may be in the 80s and 90s, but sooner or later we are going to have to break out the leather jackets and riding boots. Oh yeah, and some sweaters.

Even though someone tricked Anna Wintour into putting the K-Klan on the cover, Vogue shall always remain the fashion gospel. And right now Vogue is telling us that messy bobs are the thing for sweater weather this fall. It’s hard not to agree, Alex Chung’s locks give off a very “I-DGAF-but-I-still-went-to-a-fancy-British-prep-school” vibe.

So if you are going back to school after Labor Day and feel like tan isn’t impressive enough, go get a chop and show everyone how mature and classy you are with your new British-sophisticate look.


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