Oh God, Please Don’t Let Crop Top Suits Become A Thing

It’s May, which means it’s officially crop top season. And according to the public story on Snapchat, last week was the NFL Draft. IDGAF about sports unless there’s a tailgate or drinking game involved, but the draft is a BFD because it’s when the teams pick the college athletes they want. It’s kind of like Bid Day, except way more important to the men in your life.

What does that have to do with men’s crop tops? Well, Ezekiel Elliott decided that he wanted to wear a crop top to the draft event, because he knew he was about to become a millionaire and could do whatever the fuck he wanted. He wore white pants, a blue blazer, and a checkered crop top, because he was getting his dream job and wanted everyone to know he was just douchey enough for the position. In all fairness, this man has phenomenal abs, so I’m not mad about the outfit. But if every guy with a dad bod starts cutting their dress shirts in half, we’re going to have a problem.


What would I do without you two @mrz_elliott @ambassador_e (suit by @pantheonlimited )

A photo posted by Ezekiel Elliott (@ezekielelliott) on

Later in the evening, after being hired by the Dallas Cowboys, Elliott revealed that the crop top was just a folded up button down, which was almost as disappointing as Johnny Manziel’s entire career. I still bet some hipsters and/or the folks behind the Balmain x H&M collab will try to make this a legit trend, and when that happens you can bet we’ll be here to talk shit about it.


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