Men: Stop Telling Women They “Look Tired”

Have you ever woken up feeling great and refreshed, walked into work, just to have some male co-worker say “you look tired” to you? Unless someone is about to operate heavy machinery or IDK drive you across the country in a pickup truck, you should stop telling people they look tired.

Most of the time, when bros say “you look tired”, they really just mean “your makeup looks different”. Like no shit, I’m not wearing any makeup. In fact, when you don’t wear makeup, it’s usually because you’re not tired at all. Like literally the opposite of tired. Some days you wake up feeling refreshed, like you actually got up early enough to work out and are kind of glowing, and you decided not to lather on heavy eyeliner and instead let your true inner beauty shine. But bros mistake the lack of mascara for lack of sleep.

Like telling a woman “you should smile,” this has a similar uselessness to it. It’s not that women shouldn’t smile sometimes, just like men could stand to take a joke sometimes, it’s the tone and context that things like this are flung casually to women everyday that’s like so annoying. Like, if I’m actually tired, then who TF cares? Also, if I actually got no sleep and am tired and look it, don’t you think I know that?

What possible outcome do bros expect to get when they tell you that you look like you’ve not slept at all? Because, let’s admit it, “you look tired” is just another way to say “you look like shit.” I mean, has anyone ever meant it in a good way? At least “you gained weight” can sometimes be positive, like if you’re a former starving child or if you’re a devoted actor that just booked Nutty Professor 4 or something. But no, “you look tired” can only be a negative thing.

There’s a reason you never hear betches tell each other they look tired, because what’s the fucking point? If you really want to know if someone’s tired (but like, why?) you can say “what’d you do last night” and they’ll probably tell you. Also, when someone’s tired they’ll probably tell you, it’s like when someone’s cold or a vegan they always want to let the room know.

Finally, if you think a woman’s tired, chances are she’s not. She probably just did her face different than she usually does. If you want to know if a woman’s really tired, you can tell by how much makeup she’s wearing. The more dressed up her face is, the less sleep she probably got. Because we know when we’re tired, and we know how to cover that shit up.


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