Breaking: Melania Trump, A Former Model, Has Posed Nude

It’s been two weeks since Melania Trump gave her lovingly borrowed speech at the GOP Convention, and people are still eager to know more about her. Besides lying about having a college degree (she dropped out after one semester to model), Melania still feels like kind of a mystery.

That’s where The New York Post comes in. If you’re not familiar, the Post is basically The New York Times’ trashy alcoholic aunt who no one mentions at Christmas because it’s just kind of sad. This week, in a desperate attempt to sell some copies, the Post plastered a nude modeling shot of Melania from the ’90s on the cover. This isn’t cool.

It’s no big secret Melania was a model, and it’s not hard at all to find naked pictures of her. But Googling it because you’re curious is much different than a newspaper using the photos to make some sort of slut-shamey political point. Melania isn’t ashamed of her career choices, so stop trying to use them against her.

Chris Crocker Keep it Cute

We all know Donald Trump is batshit, but that’s based on actual stuff that he says, not slut-shaming what his wife did 25 years ago. Let his words and actions speak for themselves, because they’re scary enough.


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