Meghan Trainor Is Kind Of Desperate

Meghan Trainor hooked up with Charlie Puth after performing with him at the AMAs on Sunday night. After a good minute or so of kissing/ass-grabbing, the duo quickly hushed any dating rumors and claimed they were just friends.


Meghan took to Instagram to declare that she was #single. IDK, I love Meghan’s outlook on life and her ability to be comfortable in her own skin, but like hardcore making out with a dude and letting him grab your ass in front of the entire world seems kind of desperate.

I mean I get it, that song can get hot and heavy, but come on girl. You’re kind of trying too hard. Plus, you’re breaking one of the commandments – Thou shall never be caught doing PDA, and only rarely put it on social media.

The footage of that kiss looks like a lot more than “friendship.”


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