Meghan Trainor Is A Mess, What Else Is New

Professional nice girl Meghan Trainor released her new album last Friday, and she celebrated by performing her new single on Jimmy Fallon’s show. The performance went fine, but at the end she felt the need to do this dramatic thing where she turned around and shook her ass and then turned back to hit a pose right as the song ended. Only problem is, she fucked the whole thing up.

In a classic nice girl move, Meghan wore some huge clunky heels that she clearly can’t walk in, and when she turned back around she literally tipped the fuck over. It’s a miracle both her ankles didn’t break on the spot, but it was pretty amazing to watch her lie there on the stage as the band finished the song.

Jimmy was good about it and lied down with her, and they were both laughing, but Meghan didn’t fool us from seeing that she’s a blatant hot mess. We haven’t listened to her new album, and we don’t plan to, because literally why would we do that to ourselves. Have a nice life Meghan, maybe wear some flats next time.


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