Megan Fox Wins For Betchiest Pregnancy Announcement

Megan Fox, a woman who sweats sex appeal, is pregnant with her third child, and will undoubtedly look better pregnant than you do at your skinniest. But unlike your Facebook friends who posted obnoxious “expecting” photos, Megan wore Valentino and DGAF to make her pregnancy announcement.

The plot twist is that Megan is getting a divorce from Brian Austin Green, the father of her two other children. They filed in June but haven’t finalized the divorce. So either the breakup sex was phenomenal or Megan has another baby daddy.

Proving her status as a Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen film alumna, Megan posted the betchiest Instagram about her child’s paternity. Apparently her male costars are #NotTheFather, which is the best hashtag of all time. Shia LaBoef from Transformers, Will Arnett from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Jake Johnson from New Girl are all relieved to have been featured on the Instagram version of Maury



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