Meek Mill Ruined The Meek vs. Drake Feud

Quick Recap: Meek Mill (who?) accused Drake of using a ghost writer for his songs. Then Drake released two songs – Charged Up and Back to Back – where he calls out Mill for lying and being a petty ass bitch. Twitter has been impatiently waiting for Meek Mill to respond, much like a betch waits for her period after a barely remembered weekend. Well last night Meek released a new song, and it's just a lot to handle.

It's the textbook definition of when a girl takes something way too far that it ends up not being funny anymore. Think season 4 of Grey's Anatomy when Izzie thinks Callie wants to physically fight after she slept with George, or when Volchok killed Marissa on The OC, or when Angelina came back for another season of Jersey Shore. They thought going over the top would help win them the crown of pop culture irrelevancy, but it just came off as trying way way way too hard, and we all stopped watching.

The only way to really describe the song is like Meek's parents just started to let him swear, so he packed everything into one song. The whole thing has just become v. uncomfy.

Drake had the most incredible response of all time though – he posted this pic to Instagram of him laughing his ass off. Drake may be the softest kid in the music industry, but he knows how to passive aggressively Insta, which is more important than writing his own lyrics anyways.


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