Meek Mill’s New Song Talks About Killing Drake

Whoever said the Meek vs Drake feud was over was seriously disturbed. Meek released his first teaser for DreamChasers 4 album, which will be released sometime in 2016. The only dream Meek should be chasing is that he never started shit with Drake in the first place.

The lyrics in one of his new songs are “When I was saying shit about the rhymes you ain’t wrote/ I can’t wait until we run into ya/ I’ma put a gun in ya.” Like Meek went from 0 to 100 real quick. Not only is that a shittier comeback than his first diss track, but it’s BSCB level. Just because your career is a complete joke and you’ve become a meme doesn’t mean you can threaten to shoot Drake – this isn’t 8 Mile.

Nicki please stop your man from recreating the Degrassi scene where Drake became Wheelchair Jimmy.


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