Introducing Mead, A Classy And Historical Wine

Do you like sweet sippin’ wine? Of course you do—especially when it’s balls hot outside. Have you ever tried mead? You fucking haven’t? Ugh, let us help.

WTF Is It?

Mead, for the uninitiated, is a blend of fermented honey and water—sometimes fruit, too—that gets totally alcoholic the longer it sits. The best part about mead is that its alcohol levels can go anywhere from a tame Mike’s Hard 8% level to a fucking 20%—close to where a sake or Port wine would be. It also comes in all your fav varieties, from sparkling to dry to sweet to semi-sweet.

History and Shit

Surprise, surprise—Asia did it first. A bunch of Indiana Jones wannabes found pottery containing chemicals from a mixture of honey, rice, and fruit along with indications of fermentation from fucking 6500-7000 BC. Plus, the earliest mention of mead goes back to the roots of Hinduism, 1700-1100 BC. It also is the official drink of honeymoons, according to us. You’re all like wtf no, vodka and tequila are. Back in the day, once the groom had abducted his bride—like, literally threw over his shoulder—they went off to do the dirty. During this time and probs because she had a lifetime of housework and a 50/50 shot of surviving childbirth, the bride and groom would drink a shit ton of mead—hence the honey. It was believed that by drinking all that mead, the betch would totally have lots of sons. So, it was in the groom’s best interest to get her hella drunk. Romantic!

When and What to Drink

Mead has rules. First, you have to drink it cold or at least at cellar temperature. It’s fabulous for summer days since it is so sweet, but feel free to utilize it for cooking, too. Shit, certain types of mead—like Melomel—can be used as a mixer for martinis. You buy mead the same way you would wine—just look for dry, sweet, or sparkling. According to the style, your mead can go with everything from chocolate cake to brie to roast chicken.

Now go out, enjoy the last days of summer, and sip some mead. Feel historical and important. 

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