‘Me Before You’ Is The Book/Movie That May Thaw Your Icy Heart

There are some books that make you cry with laughter (hint, hint you need to read our new book). There are some books that make you cry little baby tears of sadness. And then there are books that fucking rip your heart out. Me Before You is one of those books.

Note: Do not read this book in public places. Do not read this book before going out, or really, before going anywhere that you would like to look like a respectable human being. Me Before You will ruin your mascara for weeks, but the unfreezing of your icy heart will be worth it.

As we all very well know, every good book features a betchy hot mess as its protagonist (or at least all good books should). Me Before You‘s hot mess is a 26-year-old unemployed waitress named Louisa Clark who, in an act of desperation, takes a caretaking job for one of Britain’s former young business stars, Will Traynor. Will’s involvement in a life-changing accident has left him paralyzed, and even bitchier than your frenemy on her period.

What comes next (shockingly) is a story of love, but also humility and determination, as Louisa tries to correct a life that’s been pushed off course. Basically, be prepared to get emotionally fucked.

In case you want to take that emotional agony one step further, Me Before You is coming to theaters next month. Starring Khaleesi, mother of dragons (Emilia Clarke) and some hot British man (Sam Claflin), this movie offers a perfect excuse to exorcise your masochistic demons and bawl like a baby. Just watch the preview.


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