Maya Rudolph As Anna Wintour Is The Greatest Video Of The Year

If you don’t know who Maya Rudolph is, then you’re just wasting your life. She was a cast member on SNL forever and always does the best cameos in random movies (see: Bridesmaids and Sisters). Seriously, go watch any video of her on YouTube—it’s the best decision you’ll make all day.

Well, her latest video for her new show Maya and Marty is her impersonating former Betch of the Week Anna Wintour, and it’s hilarious. Like obvi we all have a healthy respect for Anna if our cover photos and shopping decisions are any indication, but this perfectly captures how ridiculous her persona is compared to the average New Yorker.

Maya’s Anna “practically lives” at a Bodega and eats Jell-O with her staff. But isn’t that basically the daily routine of every fashion blogger in Brooklyn? Let’s only hope this becomes a series of videos. 


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