Is Mauricio Cheating on Kyle?

In true Brandi Glanville fashion, B has been stirring the RHOBH pot by claiming that she has proof that Mauricio is cheating or has cheated on Kyle. Even Lisa, who used to be besties with Kyle, backed Brandi up. We're assuming her evidence is coming from her ex-boyfriend, an employee of Mauricio's. But Kyle was not having it because she then called up Andy Cohen and co. and was all like, Richards OUT. She probs cried too. But before she was officially outie, the producers talked her out of it, obviously, and Kyle's still a housewife. So who do we believe? Big Glands Glanville or Tall Dark Mexican and Jewish Umansky? Personally, I really want to believe that their marriage is happy and infidelity-free but the chances of that are about as high as Faye Resnick claiming that she doesn't have a penis.



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