Twitter Freaked Out Over Matt Damon’s Man Ponytail

Matt Damon broke the internet with his man ponytail recently when a picture of him surfaced while on the set of The Great Wall in China. Apparently this all went over his head, until he sat down for this interview on the Graham Norton Show. Also, what is the Graham Norton Show?

TBH these tweets are far from explicit as the headline suggests, but it is just as satisfying to watch Matt Damon react to suggestive tweets about his ponytail while on a badly decorated British TV set.

The most awful tweet comes last, which read: “Matt Damon, I will use your ponytail to steer while you dine upon my lady sandwich.” Classy, v classy. He takes it well though, and this is probably the closest men will come to understanding what it’s like to be cat called.

Of course, we’re just relieved to hear that Matt Damon’s ponytail was for a role and not a midlife crisis.



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