Betches Love This Show: Master of None on Netflix

Aziz Ansari casually dropped 10 episodes of a show he wrote, directed, and stars in called “Master of None” and it def puts the “chill” in Netflix and chill.  Like where did this show come from? Very classy move, Aziz, to drop a full season on a Friday night with no pregaming from the press.

This show is a perfect harmony of chill vibes, real talk, and just enough anxiety to be like, relatable. It’s set in New York, which is pretty betchy already, but on top of that his love interest is a PR girl he meets at The Jane Hotel and it’s like, this was pulled straight out of our 2009 diaries.

His love interest is played by Noel Wells, who was on SNL briefly. Normally we would hate someone as quirky as her character, but the show is kind of self aware of who she is, and she’s actually kind of funny. But we like this show because it’s not actually a love story, but more like Louie with a millennial Instagram filter (that happens to be named Aziz, in this case), and he’s dating casually in a way that we find realistic-ish to how people actually do it. For example, he talks about being ghosted by dates by showing his co-worker a thread that goes from a concrete plan for drinks on Friday to Friday coming around and never hearing from that person again.  Whoops, we may be guilty of this.

In the episode Parents, Aziz and his best friend Brian start a group chat with their parents and it’s so real we thought about texting our own dads.  In Hot Ticket, Aziz takes a waitress to a secret show at Baby’s All Right and she ends up being bat shit crazy and a lowkey clepto.  We could say we’ve never stolen anything while blackout but we would probably be lying. 

Whatevs, the show is easy to watch because it’s funny. It’s surprisingly refreshing which we honestly didn’t really expect from Aziz.  And f you need any other reason to watch it, the first episode is called Plan B.


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