Mary-Kate Olsen Has Never Shopped Online, Is Not A Human

We’ve never been quite sure that the Olsen twins are actually real people, and they’re really not helping themselves. The twins are about to open the first flagship store for their crazy expensive fashion brand The Row, so they’ve been doing more press than they usually do.

In an interview with Vogue, they were talking about how important it is to have a physical space for the brand to grow. When the interviewer compared this to shopping online, Mary-Kate casually responded, “I’ve never purchased anything online.”


We understand wanting to try clothes on in a store, but never?! We rarely go a week without shopping online, and we’ll buy anything from clothes to cleaning supplies. There’s no conclusive evidence that Mary-Kate isn’t an alien, so this is very suspicious. Ashley didn’t comment on her online shopping habits or potential extraterrestrial status.


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