Mary-Kate Olsen Is A Married Betch

One half of our favorite skeletal child star duo is now a married lady. Mary-Kate Olsen wed old ass French guy Oliver Sarkozy Friday night at a Manhattan ceremony.

BTW Sarkozy is 46, just a casual 17 years older than Mary-Kate.

Sources say about 50 people in attendance and were advised to turn off their cell phones during the party. The couple’s wedding featured bowls of complementary cigarettes for the guests, because what’s more French than a smoke-filled choke-fest disguised as a celebration of love between two people?

Mary-Kate’s sisters Ashley and the one that isn’t the twin were probs in attendance. E! reports, though, that former Full House co-star Bob Saget was not invited to the wedding. Does anyone blame MK for not inviting a pervy-comedian/former coworker? No, they don’t.


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