Martha Stewart Rode A Hoverboard, Is Still A Bigger Boss Than You

Ultimate shady betch Martha Stewart is in Qatar doing whatever the fuck Martha Stewart does when she’s not destroying Gwyneth Paltrow. She presented at the International Food Festival, went camel riding, and hung out with the former United Nations General Assembly President’s son. Which is a pretty great work trip for a former felon.

She also went supremely off-brand and learned how to ride a hover board. While normally I’d be disappointed in her for stooping as low as a high school sophomore on Christmas day, she kind of pulled it off. Not only does she look chic af, but she was champagne drunk in a glam apartment. She Tweeted a pic of her on the hover board, and cautioned against running into any antiques.

So thanks to Martha Stewart for yet again redefining the ultimate lifestyle brand: antiques, champagne, and hover boards. 


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