Marissa Cooper Is Going To Be On The New Season Of Dancing With The Stars

Mischa Barton aka Marissa Cooper from the OC was cast for the 22nd season of Dancing With the Stars, but will she ruin the season finale plot twist in an interview this time? Every betch’s group chat includes at least one gif of Marissa pulling a handle of vodka out of her Longchamp. If you’ve never seen The O.C., it’s streaming on the CW app, so please go get educated.

Marissa Cooper was hands-down the most fucked up character on The O.C., and Mischa Barton’s life has imitated art: the eating disorder, binge drinking, and career destruction. So it’s no surprise that she’ll be on television’s “has-beens” competition. But if the debut episode of The O.C. was any indication, Mischa already knows how to waltz and make America fall in love with her.


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