Mariah Carey Did Will Ferrell’s Makeup

Mariah Carey and Will Ferrell are officially the newest unexpected celebrity friendship, and we kind of love it. This weekend, Will went to see Mariah’s show in Las Vegas, and if Instagram is any indication, they had a ton of fun with each other backstage. She posted two photos of them together: the first one is a typical shot of her looking fucking gorgeous in a gold shiny dress, but the second one shows her putting makeup on his face. Once upon a time, Mariah Carey went to beauty school, so she was really getting back to her roots with Will. She probably didn’t use anything more than a little powder, but the photo is still pretty amazing. We like to think Will is probably just as much of a diva as Mariah.



Shake and bake !! Thank you for coming to my show last night !! #elf forever !!

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